Self Care Basics

It’s almost the month of love and the most important person we should be showing love to is ourselves. We’ve all heard how important it is to take care of ourselves before we can care for others. But how do we do it? What really is self care? We often romanticize self care as bubble baths and lavish spending, but in truth self care is usually far less luxurious.

Self Care 101

Self care is preparing a wholesome breakfast for yourself to begin the day.

It’s taking time to breath, stretch, meditate, or set your intentions for the day.

Taking care of your body with a home workout or trip to the gym is self care.

Sometimes saying yes is self care,

Sometimes it’s saying no.

Self care is taking the time to learn your inner self

Self care is going to the doctor when you’re sick,

And getting help when you need it.

Self care is creative hobbies.

Self care is a phone call to a friend, parent, or sibling, just to catch up.

Self cure can be manicures, face masks, and bubble baths,

But it can also be telling ourselves no and sticking to a goal

Self care can be budgeting finances,

It is also setting boundaries.

It’s setting a healthy diet and sticking to it

Self care is requesting vacation time.

Sometimes it’s making yourself do something you don’t want to.

Self care is trying new things

Self care is routine

Self care is spontaneity

The point is, self care can manifest in many different forms. It’s not a big spending spree. It’s not permission to act gluttonously. Self care is the little efforts we make to better ourselves daily.

  1. First step in self care 101 is identifying what you need. If you stress out constantly, you need relaxation. If your stomach bothers you daily, diet and exercise would be the need.
  2. After identifying the need, consider the causes of the strife. Is it work, toxic people in your life, bad habits?
  3. Next figure some reasonable daily solutions. For example if you stress about your job, you probably can’t reasonably just quit. You can, however, find ways to better the situation. If possible, set a vacation. You could go lavish or use it as a time to just stay home and relax. You could also consider things that calm yourself outside of work that would charge you for the work day. For me that would be writing, baths, and a few episodes of TV. For someone else, it would be different. If your problem is a toxic person, set boundaries and allow yourself to say “no.”

For me, self care is in my morning routine. I stretch, do a workout, a set intentions for my day. I make myself a cup of coffee and a decent breakfast to get the best start I can on the day.

What does self care mean to you?

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